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This site was developed to provide expansive information about BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System, True Live Biometric Fingerprint Scanning. Without a matching fingerprint scan your car, truck, RV, armored vehicle, yacht, boat or heavy equipment will not start and will trigger the alarm function; whether it is attempted to be hotwired or key started. In addition, the carjacking feature will shut off the fuel flow after a predetermined period of time. You will also find some links and other pages that may be informative.

Whether it is your personal car, boat or RV, or you transport hazardous, expensive or sensitive material; BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System is your PROACTIVE answer to vehicle theft!

BIOMET START has been sold and delivered for over two years. BIOMET START is a time proven product with unmatched reliability providing The New Standard in Vehicle Security.


Do you worry about your rig when it is left unattended and idling? Or have you been let down by your expensive GPS tracking system to find the contents of your trailer vaporized? Then click on the button below to find out how BIOMET START’s Anti-carjacking feature can save you headaches and grief.
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BIOMET START will work with traditional keyed ignitions as well as the new Push Button Start ignitions.

BIOMET START can be used in any year car. However, if the car does not have fuel injection or an electronic fuel supplied carburator, the fuel function of Biomet Start will not be controlled. Therefore, only ignition control will be secured and the anti-carjacking feature will not work.

BIOMET START's fingerprints are stored in the Central Control Unit; not in the fingerprint scanner. This offers a major benefit. The wires from the fingerprint scanner cannot be tampered with to start the vehicle!

BIOMET START puts the user in control with a multitude of programmable system parameters. These range from alarm duration to ignition start interval to anti-carjacking function activation. A complete list of these parameters is detailed in the BIOMET START User's Manual.


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BIOMET START Fingerprint Security



Our fingerprint vehicle security system utilizes advanced thermal biometrics. A rigorous verification process takes place prior to vehicle ignition occurring. After comparing the height, depth, and pattern of the fingerprint ridges, it looks for the four (4) biological markers: pulse, body temperature, blood pressure, and living tissue. Next the distinct capillary pattern under the epidermis (first layer of skin) is compared. This verification process is practically instantaneous; when an authorized fingerprint is submitted vehicle ignition occurs with 0.8 of a second. A small 10 digit keypad allows the administrator to enter his/her 6 digit numeric code and add or delete fingerprints, modify the parameter default settings, and deactivate the fingerprint required start by entering the valet mode command. It doesn't stop there; all the commands are guided by voice prompts allowing the user interface to be extremely friendly. Biomet Start is not a reactive theft retrieval product. It is a proactive theft prevention product, designed to stop the theft from being successfully completed. With that in mind, Biomet Start has an answer for desperate thieves that resort to force; our anti-carjacking function places an insurmountable road block in a carjacker’s path. When a carjacking is attempted, within 30 to 90 seconds (depending on the owner's preference) the fuel pump will shut down, the lights will flash, and the horn will blare until an authorized fingerprint is provided. With no fuel supply the carjacker will be fleeing on foot.

This is all it takes to keep them yours. The BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System features up to 9 unique fingerprint entries to initiate ignition, valet mode, carjacking shut off, failed attempt to start alarm, and what we like to call the Ferris Bueller function, (junior does not get one of the 9 fingerprint entries).

The BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System Components

BIOMET START is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of installation. BIOMET START also has a 48 hour recovery policy that will reimburse the purchase price up to $1,295. See warranty for complete details.

Biomet Start Fingerprint Scanner - Actual SizeFingerprint Scanner
Actual Size (screen res. @1680x1050 pixels)
W: 30mm
L:  44mm
D: 20.2 mm (max)
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There are actually some other vehicle theft prevention products that are effective, but not as effective as BIOMET START. The following explanation does a pretty good job of explaining why BIOMET START is superior. First of all there are other vehicle theft prevention products that provide a semi-adequate level of protection. The majority of these products provide the owner/operator of the vehicle with some means of immobilizing the vehicle when unauthorized ignition is attempted or when it occurs. The Achilles heel of these products is that the immobilization of the vehicle is dependent on an external activator/deactivator (RFID chip keys, Cell Phones, and unique Electronic plugs). If the external device that controls the components which provide/kill power to the vehicle is stolen, lost or duplicated, then the legitimate owner/operator will be tracking the vehicle after the fact, filling out police reports, and speaking with his/her insurance agent. With biometrics, BIOMET START, the immobilization of the vehicle is not dependent on an external activator/deactivator that can be separated from the legitimate owner/operator. The unique fingerprint is the activator that enables mobilization or immobilization. The biometric aspect of BIOMET START provides a level of security that external activator/deactivators cannot meet. Simply put, the owner’s/operator's fingerprint cannot be lost or stolen and is unique to the individual owner/operator.