Auto Theft and Carjacking

Ferris Bueller Function

Do you have a Ferris Bueller in the house that you don't want driving your car or boat? The live fingerprint authentication technology of BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System responds when authorized fingerprints are verified. If junior's fingerprint is not a match, he can’t start the car or boat.

Do They Have Access to your Keys?

Driving is a complex cognitive task under the best circumstances. And, as you grow older, normal age-related cognitive decline can affect your ability to react quickly and perform other cognitive tasks that are essential for safe driving. It is hard to accept and deliver the news that your driving days are over. Visit Keep Driving for some tips to help your folks out. But rest assured, when it is time to say no more, you won't have to hide the keys if your vehicle is equipped with the BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System.

Car Theft

In the United States, a car is stolen or burglarized every 26 seconds! With BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System, only persons with an authorized fingerprint can start the vehicle. And, only the system administrator (owner) can make changes to the system settings and function parameters or add new users by using the keypad.

Be Proactive with BIOMET START Not Reactive with a retrieval tracking device!

 Facts About Carjacking

To help prevent carjacking BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System has an anti-carjacking feature. It works as follows: If any door is opened while the engine is running the system assumes you have been carjacked, and it goes into defense mode 1 second after the door is opened. Once engaged there are 3 levels of warnings. These levels are designed to do two things. If the door was opened by the legitimate owner (and there was NO carjacking) it gives the owner time to return the system to normal mode by placing their finger on the authentication pad. Second, and more importantly, if you have in fact been carjacked the delay timing assures that the carjacker is at least some distance from your location before the system shuts down the vehicle. The reason is simple. When that car shuts off, the carjacker is probably not going to be too happy!

Do you want to leave your vehicle running and not worry about it going out of sight? Then use this application of the anti-carjacking feature.

  • Park your vehicle. Open the door (now the alarm function is triggered).
  • Scan your finger (now the alarm function is reset).
  • Close the door and go about your business.
  • If you opened the door, just scan your finger to turn the alarm function off.
  • If someone else opened the door the alarm function will be triggered and they will only have 30, 60, or 90 seconds to operate the vehicle before the fuel supply is shut off and the lights will flash and horn honk.

Save On Insurance

Protect your car or boat and save money! BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System acts as anti-theft device. If there is an unauthorized attempt to start the vehicle the BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System alarm function will be triggered after a specified period of time. Please contact your insurance agent or carrier to determine your discount rate. Additionally, several states have laws that mandate that insurance carriers offer anti-theft discounts.