Biomet Start Technology

FBI CERTIFIED Fingerprint Scanner

FBI Certified UPEK ChipUnlike your old laptop's or door entry's biometric fingerprint scanner, BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System uses the latest technology and FBI tested chip.

Chip Info:
The reason it works so well is that we use the UPEK TCS1 chip
that is certified by the FBI. What does that mean? It means that our chip is listed and certified by the FBI and was tested and is in compliance with the FBI's Next Generation Identification (NGI). The review of the test data was conducted by the Technology Evaluation Standards Test Unit, a part of Biometric Center of Excellence Criminal Justice Information Services Division. The process certifies that the product meets FBI standards.


True Live Biometric Fingerprint Scanning

We use True Live Biometric Scanning, meaning that BIOMET START — Biometric Fingerprint Vehicle Security System measures pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, and capillary patterns in the skin. It also uses a proprietary "3 Dimensional Scan Technology" to verify your fingerprint by using the valleys between the ridges, the pattern of the print itself and the depth of the valleys. The closest competition out there is an image and/or depth scanner and that can be fooled with just a picture or impression of a fingerprint.

BIOMET START’s 6 High-Tech Security Functions  

Anti-Theft Function: Using live fingerprint verification technology, the Fingerprint Starter prevents override through decryption, where standard car alarms fail. Only input of an authorized, live fingerprint will start the engine.

Auto-Start Function: Once the key has unlocked the steering column, entry of an authorized fingerprint starts the engine within 0.8 seconds (also compatible with keyless ignition systems.)

Security Setting Function: The Master Driver controls all security functions through the keypad. The Master Driver can enroll or delete drivers and set all system parameters.

Quick Alarming Function: Any illicit attempt to start the vehicle arms the system; not only will the engine fail to start, but the lights and horn go to sound alert status. No ignition or alarm cancel is possible without fingerprint authentication.

Multi-User Capability: This unit stores up to nine unique fingerprints ID's in groups of three. Users may be added or deleted by the Master Driver; making it completely versatile for friends, family, and fleet management.

Flexible Features: Default anti-carjack settings may be extended or reduced. Valet mode allows for valet parking, vehicle loan, or mechanic trips. Three different time-of-use categories allow alternate parameters for different groups; a great feature for fleet management.